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Fluoroplastic coatings

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Fluoroplastic coatings add considerable benefits in many cases in industries that have to work with sticky goods by significantly reducing the cleaning times of production equipment. Major applications are to be found in the packaging, food, textile and plastics processing industries. The coatings are distinguished by their anti-adhesion, superior heat stability, low friction coefficients and virtually universal chemical resistance.

Depending on the application, the following options are available:

  • PTFE dispersion coating in a thickness of max. 30µ and maximum three coats. However, when applying the three coats, care should be taken that the surface becomes very soft. We recommend applying a maximum of two coats, which means a coat thickness of max. 0.60µ. PTFE dispersion coating is chosen if the base has to be protected from chemical media, for example. However, because of the limited coat thickness the base is subject to minimal mechanical resistance.
  • Thick-walled remoulding with PTFE up to a thickness of max. 25mm. The length of the base can be a max. 600mm, the diameter max. 250mm.
  • Encasing with thick-walled PTFE tube. Care should be taken here that we do not undertake any further processing of the coated base at all such as turning it, etc.   

Shrink-wrapping with Polytetraflon® heat-shrink tubing or proper application of Polytetraflon® roll covers on provided rollers also constitute individual coating options..


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