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Semi-finished products: compounds

PTFE Compounds

The properties of virgin PTFE can be changed by a controlled addition of fillers so that the field of application expands and the properties of materials can be optimised. Contact us regarding your specific application.

The admixture of fillers can be made for the following reasons:

  • The wearability is increased multiple times
  • The resistance to creeping or deformation under loads is increased several times
  • The thermal conductivity may increase
  • The thermal expansion is reduced

Also MoldflonTM, introduced to the market in 2006, has been developed in order to fit exact to your application. Adding fillers to MoldflonTM allows many properties to be adapted to the required application. Read More.....

Tests under as real operating conditions as possible are highly recommended for critical applications. Contact our technical Sales department for a consultation.

Overview of standard compounds:

PTFE +25% glass
  +25% carbon
  +15% graphite
  +40% bronze
  +60% bronze

Special compounds for your specific requirements are available on request.

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