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Polytetraflon® Rollcover

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Polytetra GmbH is one of the few international manufacturers of rollcovers made from FEP or PFA fluoroplastic. Rollcover are bigger dimensioned Heat shrink tubings.

Our special strength lies in applicationrelated technical consulting and remittance work that includes the professional finishing of rollers supplied by the customer.

Our rollcovers are used world-wide wherever hot, sticky or staining products are to be redirected, for instance, in the textile, paper, packaging and food industry.

Polytetraflon® Rollcovers are manufactured from specially selected fluoroplastics. Stretched through a special heating process, they shrink when subjected to renewed heat treatment almost to the size of the previous original diameter.

As compared to conventional coatings made from PTFE, POLYTETRAFLON® Rollcovers made from FEP or PFA have the decisive advantage of a very smooth surface (no microporosity). During the production process the user profits from the achieved antiadhesiveness of the roller. Layer thicknesses of maximum 100 μm only can be obtained with customary coatings.

The use of POLYTETRAFLON® Rollcovers, in sharp contrast, yields wall thicknesses of up to 0.50 mm, 0.64 mm and 1.50 mm. Thus, a possible unevenness of the rollers can be levelled out.

POLYTETRAFLON® Rollcovers are fabricated in etched and non-etched variants. An etched design allows an additional pasting of the rollcover on the roller. The etching creates a chemical roughening of the surface, which results in a much better bonding of the cover with the carrier. We always recommend the use of etched rollcovers.

Our service includes the heat-shrinking of rollers supplied by you in our company. In addition, we also provide training on the proper mounting of our rollcovers at customer premises, or here at our factory in Moenchengladbach. Heat-shrinking on contract basis in our company is possible up to a roller weight of 1.4t.

Important parameters such as roller type, roller length (shell length measured without journal), roller diameter, surface of the roller (shore hardness and temperature resistance in case of rubber-coated rollers), use temperature, chemical load, linear pressure and rotation speed are to be clarified before order placement.

The length of the rollcover should be at least approx. 10% more than the shell length of your roller in view of the manufacturing process and the occurring longitudinal shrinkage. 

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