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Plastic Heat Exchangers

Products and industries

Catalogue Heat Exchangers made of Moldflon (pdf)

Thermoron® and Polytetraflon® plastic heat exchangers are being successfully used in many industries. Starting with the galvanizing industry, the uses range from the chemical industry, the wastewater industry, the foodstuffs industry and the textile industry - as well as applications in environmental protection like for example desulphurization of flue gases - to the semi-conductor industry and the photovoltaic industry.

Materials and production

The PFA, ECTFE, PTFE and PVDF fluoroplastics are utilized as materials. These fluoroplastics excel in a resistance to chemicals which is very good or even universal, as well as high resistance to temperatures and very good non-stick properties. If the chemicals being used and the operating temperatures allow it, then some configurations or structural shapes can also be manufactured from the PP und PE polyolefines. The production takes place with specially developed tools, or with welding machines that are monitored by computer for jig welding.


The following main groups of heat exchangers can be differentiated:

Each of these configurations or structural shapes has its special advantages, so that they are designed and offered for specific uses. The hose geometries can also be adapted to the special pressure ratios, in addition to the configurations or structural shapes. Furthermore, individually developed configurations or structural shapes are realizable for special applications.

Design and documentation

The heat exchangers are designed with the aid of computers (CAD) on the basis of information from the specific customer. The customer receives all of the necessary information about the connecting pipework and the processing design, in addition to the heat calculations and CAD drawings. Extra components like for example connecting pipework, strainers and pressure-control valves are offered.

All results from the pressure tests and confirmations of the computer-aided welding parameters, as well as the relevant documents about operating the heat exchangers, are available.

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