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Polytetraflon® PTFE bellows

Polytetraflon® PTFE bellows are expansion bellows, which make movements possible, do not pass on vibrations or compensate axis and angular offset. In order to achieve an optimum service life, we exclusively use PTFE or TFM specialty materials, which are characterised by high bending fatigue strength and a low pore content. We can undertake large scale as well as single part production.


Polytetraflon® bellows of series 100 are made from homogeneous PTFE semi-finished products without cutting by acute plunge cut. This manufacturing process allows the greatest elasticity of all bellows relative to the installed length.

Polytetraflon® bellows of series 200 are manufactured by machining process and have a higher compressive strength. The bellows receive the necessary flexibility and a good longitidunal expansion reserve by round turning. This form is specifically suitable for long-term use.

Please mention to us in your request the exact operating conditions such as stroke, pressure, temperature, etc. Please fill out our Bellow-Questionnaire. online.

Polytetraflon® bellows are not stocked goods. Our bellows are always tailored to customer specifications.

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