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Polytetra GmbH

Street: Hocksteiner Weg 40
City: D-41189 Mönchengladbach

phone: + 49 (0)2166 / 95 90 – 0
fax: + 49 (0)2166 / 95 90 – 55

E-Mail: info(at)

The legal representatives: Stefan Schmid, Raik Lüder

Commercial Register Mönchengladbach: HRB 1735
VAT-no: DE 120 829 647
Tax no: 121 5755 4484

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Sparkasse 850 50 310 500 00 MGLSDE33 DE88 3105 0000 0000 0850 50
Deutsche Bank 7264 690 310 700 01 DEUTDEDD310 DE83 3107 0001 0726 4690 00

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The firm of  Polytetra GmbH is responsible in its capacity as Provider of Contents within the meaning of § 8 Remote Services Statute [Teledienstegesetz] and in accordance with general regulations prevailing under law for its “own contents” as made available here for the use of others. Furthermore, the information contained on the website of the Provider has been prepared and compiled with the utmost possible care. Having said that, however, the Provider shall not, under any circumstances, assume responsibility for the currentness, correctness, completeness or quality of said information made available.

All of the details and data provided on this website are consistent with our own knowledge per status applicable at the point in time of publication and are non-binding. All rights are reserved in respect of further development, technical change and such adjustment(s) as may be dictated by amendment of standards, norms and guidelines and may be implemented at any and all times, even without prior notice. Any and all product characteristics specified shall be deemed dependent upon their purpose in any given case as well as upon environmental influences prevailing upon use. Each and every instance of initial application of the products shall require testing by the User for specifically ensuring compatibility with such application, in respect of which we shall be required to be consulted. Duplication or use of the photos, texts and tables (even extracts thereof) as published on our website shall be strictly subject to our approval. We shall not, under any circumstances, be liable for developments attributable to any or all details contained on this website.

All of the prices are net prices. Our quotations are subject to confirmation and without obligation. The information provided on this homepage may contain descriptions and/or performance features which do not always apply in the form described in a specific instance of application and/or which may change as a result of the products’ undergoing further development. The performance features requested shall only be deemed binding where they shall have been explicitly agreed upon conclusion of contract. Supply potential and technical specifications shall be subject to change without notice. All product descriptions may constitute such brands or product names as shall have been protected by Polytetra GmbH or its suppliers and, as such, their use by third parties for their own purposes may constitute breach of the rights of the owner(s).

Furthermore, the firm of Polytetra GmbH shall not, under any circumstances, assume responsibility for the correctness of the third-party contents published on a given website to which attention may be drawn, and, likewise, for the legitimacy, appropriateness of such contents or their compliance with provisions prevailing under copyright, competition or trademark law from the perspective of the contents published on the website in question.

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No liability shall be assumed for any and all such damage/loss as shall be incurred as a consequence of use of the website of the Provider. For the rest, liability shall be limited to wilful intent and gross negligence.

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