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History - Heat exchangers, Heat shrink tubings, Immersion heaters, Finished parts

Helmut Meyer and a partner formed the company Polytetra GbR. in September 1981. With four employees it traded exclusively in semi-finished and finished fluoroplastics parts.

Following the economic crisis of 1978–1981 bank loan interest rates were at 14%, which meant setting up the company was certainly somewhat risky. But as the economy started to rebound generally in 1982 it soon became clear that the company could hold its own, even if the management had to admit the company would be unable to expand with its one-sided focus on trade. Alongside trading, the company began its initially modest production of PTFE-fibreglass conveyor belts and PFA heat exchangers.

In the economic boom of the 1990s we gradually expanded production and provided other specific services. The business that had meanwhile become a limited company then began successfully producing heat-shrinkable tubing, manufacturing design-specific finished parts and shrink-wrapping to order of technically sophisticated equipment, as well as fitting roll covers to supplied rollers.

Having purchased the premises and constructed a new administration and production facility the company is now at its present location. With our healthy order book the facility doubled in size to boost capacity even during the construction stage. This became necessary, as Polytetra was meanwhile filling large orders for heat exchangers in flue gas desulphurisation systems. The company grew as it took on more. We applied the expertise we acquired in welding PTFE, PP, PE, ECTFE and PFA plastics to develop our own products and 25 employees now produce Polytetraflon® heat exchangers, for example, made of PVDF, PP, PE, ECTFE or PFA.

Our development of completely submersible and fluoropolymer-coated electrical heating devices has expanded our product portfolio by adding an internationally acknowledged, first-class product that has undergone constant development.

In 2002 Helmut Meyer took over 100% of the shares in Polytetra GmbH. Consequently, the company has focused on further development of products and ongoing process optimisation; we have introduced an inventory control system, included product planning software, set up our own CAD construction office and supported the needs-based advanced training of all our staff. On 1. July 2008 the company gained a valuable asset when Harald Schwengers a graduate process engineer and experienced specialist in the complex area of fluorpolymers took up the position of sales manager.

Marketing has opened up new markets and the distribution network has expanded. Polytetra today also has a close-knit dealer network overseas. The company’s strikingly positive development and rapid growth meant that in 2011 several production divisions had to be moved to a second manufacturing plant in Mönchengladbach. Since the company was founded in 1981, the number of employees has since increased to 50, several of whom have been with us for 20 years. Harald Schwengers was appointed additional managing director, on 1.June 2011, to push ahead with continued growth.
Within 30 years Polytetra has developed from a basic workshop to a modern, well-managed business and future-oriented enterprise with core skills:

  • Design and manufacture of heat exchangers, especially shell and tube exchangers
  • Development and production of fluoropolymer-coated electrical heating devices
  • Production of heat-shrinkable tubing made of PTFE, FEP or PFA
  • Manufacture of design-specific finished parts of fluoro and high-performance plastics

With our well-trained and highly motivated staff, we can in future also ensure consistently high quality with professionals developing our products and handling your assignments. Together with you, our design engineers will continue to develop new, individual options and applications for our products and find tailor-made solutions. Well trained and highly motivated we shall continually ensure that we remain market leader suppliers of tube bundle heat exchangers to the semiconductor and photovoltaic industry and to continually strengthen our market position through our other core competencies.  


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